Garden & Field Wines 2023 Barossa Vintage Story

February 25, 2023

Barossa Gnadenberg Road Shiraz Vineyard. Vintage 2023
4th March 2023

Week three into our vintage journey and could not resist sharing this week's view of the Gnadenberg Road Shiraz development. There is no question the harvest season will be delayed until mid to late autumn and is set to be an exceptional season.

Speaking with Peter Raymond, Garden & Field Wines viticulturalist, winemaker and entrepreneur, the 2023 vintage 'compares to 2017, with a slow ripening season and generous rain until early summer'. 

This is by no means a disappointment, as the outcome means increased berry size and ultimately, more juice! A good thing for a dry-grown, limited production vineyard.

While walking the vineyard and cradling a few grape bunches Pete noted, 'the wine flavours are set to be elegant, have less tannin and will create spicy wines with red and blue fruit flavours. 

Smiling with a heart-warming chuckle, Pete concluded 'the red grape colours are intensifying and the sweet sugars are starting to be more evident as natural berry acid begins to decrease'. 

25th February 2023
As we shift into week two of the 2023 Garden & Field Wines vintage journey, you will see the netting has been installed. Expensive, due to the slow process of hand application and vital assistance from 'ye olde' favourite... Massey Fergusson tractor.
With a crew of four staff working tirelessly through the two day heat, their skills ensured the nets were secure to the vineyard posts, that ultimately avoid the afternoon breezes from moving them. Did I say expensive? Hell yes! But a necessary part of grape growing to keep the pesky birds ‘beaks’ away and most importantly, alleviate disease pressure in the Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso grapes.
This week's heat in the Barossa and Eden Valley was BRILLIANT!
Daily temperatures over 35 degrees has literally heated things from the ‘ground’ up and boosted deeper skin colour in the red grapes, while… let’s say…15 degree evening temperatures, allowed the vines to recuperate while accumulating richer flavours, colour, acid and tannins: needed for high quality 'wine' grape ripening.
We noted the canopy (vine shoots) have slowed growing, which will start to harden the crispy green shoots into strong canes. Other than timed vineyard management, sunshine plus the heat is the secret ingredient to Barossa Australia and Eden Valley's wine region's success!
And that’s this week’s wrap! We we’d love to hear your thoughts. Please email with queries or comments for next week's vintage highlights.

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